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Can’t say enough good about Rylan Blair. He has taken care of our old volkswagen several times, each time working into the evening (his family time) to get the car up and running again. Integrity and honesty don’t do him justice, especially when most mechanics are neither! Take your car there and see for yourself! Great prices too, he takes care of things for less than any other shop I have ever worked with.
- Pros: Everything
- Cons: none


1.) They do EVERYTHING from “I need a new headlight,” to “build me a race car with a custom transmission and gears in the rear end.”
2.) They are locally owned and managed with the owner actually right there working and immediately available to answer questions or complaints. His name is Rylan Blair and I have actually seen him do free charity work for a small family just traveling through that broke down – FREE, NO BILL, NO IOU – just because he’s a decent Christian guy!
3.) They are HONEST and I KNOW IT – two different times now they told me I did not need work that another local shop had tried to sell me and then they fixed my car for FAR LESS MONEY than expected.
4.) They treat my wife like she’s their little sister – she goes in talking about odd noises that I don’t hear and rather than trying to sell her a bunch of work she doesn’t need – or worse, patting her on the head and patronizing her – they do full computer diagnostics, check the car end to end, tell her EXACTLY what she’s hearing and then fix it for next to nothing!
5.) They are very, VERY good at what they do. I had a Cadillac with an electrical problem that no one in town wanted to touch – three different shops told me to go see the dealer for a Cadillac electrical specialist. Finally I brought it in to Lighthouse on Platte when a parts shop recommended them. THEY FIXED IT IN 20 MINUTES FOR UNDER $200.00!!!
I live in Colorado Springs, this is my home and I will NEVER take my car anywhere else for any reason ever again. There are other locally owned shops and a number of national chains here – all of which will smile and tell you what you want to hear because they want to be your mechanic; Rylan Blair at Lighthouse Automotive on Platte wants to be your NEIGHBOR and the shop is staffed by EXPERTS. Don’t take your vehicle anywhere else. They’re right next to the 7th Wave Car Wash between Circle and Union – Look for a big, pretty blue sign with a lighthouse. - Pros: honest, experts, locally owned and managed and they do everything, not just a short list of popular services. - Cons: The bathroom is pretty inconvenient.


I will NEVER go any where else .. It wasn’t the least expensive, but it was done, quickly and perfectly! BEST automotive repair service experience hands down. It was just a diagnostic and repair was so minor that it was free, and it only took about half an hour .. I payed for an hour diagnostic, and I could’ve had it cut in half the guy said when I first started asking about price .. I felt so well taken care of at the end of it all I didn’t even mention it because they deserved every bit of it, I actually wanted to tip them. The owner talked me through every step, and the mechanic helped out so much! He used to work for Ford so when I got my Taurus serviced I felt very good about him. After it all, the owner took me out for a test drive and made sure everything was alright. He made sure I was satisfied. He didn’t make suggestions I didn’t need, and told me of some minor things they saw and suggested, but told me flat out that it wasn’t a necessity at that moment! Other places have always tried telling me I need a transmission flush when I just got one and etc … I’m 5k away from my major tune-up, and I’ll definently be getting it there. They told me flat out my car was in great shape, and I felt confident in their automotive capabilities, and will be coming back. Thank you so much Rylan .. thank you for not trying to shove me into things I didn’t need, even though I said I know nothing about cars, and I really don’t.. but you explained every little thing, and how it works and why I would need it and etc .. your help is appreciated beyond what I can express. But what I will do is tell everyone that needs car repair to come to you guys, and leave your business cards at my work, comment about you on Facebook, Craigslist.. anything I can do to give you the recognition you deserve. I will see you soon, thanks again, Josh.

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