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Auto Air Conditioning and Heating Repair | LightHouse Automotive

Your comfort and well-being are very important when it comes to taking the wheel, so it is vital that the air conditioning is working properly. The components, such as the dirty cabin filter and the refrigerant leak over time, which is why regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system is required to maintain its effectiveness, protect your health and ensure a comfortable journey on the road.

Why the automotive ac repair service and heating repair is important for your car’s system?

Heating and a/c systems work to keep the interior of your car warm in winter and cool in summer. The air condition system is used to keep the frost off your windows. Heating and automotive air conditioning systems can wear out over time. Pipes can easily become clogged and lead to leakage if they are not used, leading to poor efficacy or lack of cooling and full heating. Good routine maintenance can keep your car comfortable.

The best ways to tell if a vehicle has heating and air conditioning problems:

  • If your air conditioning blowing air just a little cooler than the outside air
  • The blown air has a smell of damp or mold
  • Your heater does not heat in cold weather, or just a little warmer than the outside air
  • The defrosting takes longer than normal to clear windows
  • Defroster does not work
  • Your heater or your air conditioning only works when driving, does not work in going slow or stops blowing altogether when the vehicle is stationary
  • Your heater blows cold air, or air conditioning blowing hot air

Serenity of Your Journeys in Cold Winter:

You pay attention to heating only and exclusively when the first frost arrives, but ac maintenance work is something you have to keep in mind throughout the year to reduce the risk of failure and achieve optimal ac system performance. Lighthouse Automotive in Colorado Springs recommends to keeping it in a good condition, especially if you are consistent with daily travel.

When you reach the winter months of the year and therefore, almost certainly when you need to use the heating in your vehicle you must find it comfortable inside. Gone is the summer season and the sweltering heat, hence there will be additional work required by the heater in your car to make the car’s temperature inside more bearable.

Several reasons may explain why your air conditioning or heating system stops working or works sporadically. Whether it’s an A/C condenser problem, radiator, ac compressor, ac evaporator or any other auto repair, you will enjoy the same quality of service from some of the best mechanic in Colorado Springs.

Our ASE Certified Technicians constantly receive training to keep their knowledge up to date and continue to offer advanced services to our customers. We offer ac repair, ac maintenance, and will replace air conditioning parts, and heating systems parts for all kinds of vehicles.

Is Your Car Ready For the Summer Heat in Colorado Springs?

Lighthouse Automotive Colorado Springs uses modern equipment and tools to solve many problems of air conditioning in your vehicle.

We analyze all the heating and AC systems to see where the problems are located. It is often common to have more than one fault so it is very important to locate them all, otherwise, the repair is not complete and you will have to go back through the repair shop to re-repair, which can be very time-consuming. This is the big difference between Lighthouse Automotive and other automotive repair shops.

Lighthouse Automotive has experts in locating leaks in air conditioning systems in the Colorado Springs area. By using most modern equipment and tools, we can make accurate ac diagnosis so we can proceed to the correct ac repair of the leak.

Air conditioning system that functions properly is not only enjoyable, but also increases your safety because you get a comfortable temperature behind the wheel. Many people are not aware that the air conditioning system in a vehicle must be serviced annually but only by a reputable vehicle workshop in Colorado Springs.

Lighthouse Automotive Colorado Springs services most make and models. Our garages are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools. This allows detection of the electronic problems. Hence, we guarantee that your air-conditioner helps you to enjoy all the cool air in the hot summer months!

Automotive AC Repair Service and Heating Repair | LightHouse Automotive

Our thorough inspection and maintenance of air conditioning systems include:

  • Air Condition Evacuation
  • Pressure test
  • Draining the system
  • Charging a/c refrigerant
  • Service air conditioning parts
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Leak detection with electronic equipment
  • Repair and maintenance of compressors of all brands
  • Changing ac compressors, ac condensers, and ac evaporators
  • Changing air conditioning seals
  • Changing valves, filters, and electronic systems
  • Cleaning the system: evaporators, condensers
  • Controlling the level of the coolant radiator, pipes, pressure cap, and thermostat
  • Changing condenser, evaporator, valves, controls, bearings, hoses and all that relates to automotive air conditioning, etc.

Enjoy the Expert Service in Lighthouse Automotive Colorado Springs

Our technicians are certified and trained to evacuation and recharge your air conditioning. They can perform overall maintenance of your air conditioning system, check and refill the gas and oil cooling compressor, test the overall efficiency of the device and if necessary apply an antibacterial treatment for bad smells like mold and bacteria.

Our aim of servicing the heating and air conditioning is to keep it in optimal performance and minimize failures. We follow the industry’s best technical procedures to provide preventive maintenance service, ensuring thereby minimize future damage repairs that are costly and expensive. We know air conditioning repair cost is important to you; therefore, our service writer work within your budget to give you the best quality repair for your money.

Always check your heating or air conditioning before the peak of the season to ensure you have a comfortable experience in Colorado Springs and everywhere else.


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