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Fuel System Repair in Colorado Springs

Your vehicle’s fuel system is responsible for storing and supplying fuel to the engine, which in turn gets your car moving. A problem with your fuel system can lead to vehicle performance issues and a significant decrease in fuel efficiency. This is why a regular inspection of your fuel system is recommended to pinpoint any issues early on to prevent major problems down the road. At LightHouse Automotive in Colorado Springs, CO, we are the professionals in the area when you need honest and reliable fuel system repair and service.

The key to a good working fuel system is to have the fuel filter replaced periodically, according to your car’s manufacturer recommended intervals, and to keep the system cleaned through throttle body and fuel injection cleaning services. It’s also a good idea to refill your gas once you get down to a quarter of a tank rather than running your vehicle down to its lowest fuel gauge.

If there is a problem with your fuel system, you may start to notice a few symptoms while driving:

  • Check engine light turns on
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Engine has difficulty starting
  • Engine smoke
  • Vehicle hesitates when accelerating

As soon as you recognize any of the problems listed above, we invite you to LightHouse Automotive for a thorough inspection. Fuel system problems can lead to more serious issues such as engine problems, so it is vital to have any issue addressed as quickly as possible. Our ASE certified technicians will inspect your vehicle’s fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel tank, and fuel lines to determine if there are any leaks, debris, or repairs that need to be done. Once we restore your vehicle to top working condition, we will continue to remind you of when it’s time to have your fuel system serviced in order to avoid costly repairs and give you peace of mind.

When you need fuel system repair in Colorado Springs, CO, look no further than the honest choice here at LightHouse Automotive. Schedule a visit online or give us a call today!

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