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EXP 6/5/2024

Exhaust Repair & Maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO

Exhaust Repair and Maintenance | LightHouse Automotive

When thinking about the performance and longevity of their cars, most people don’t give the exhaust system a second thought. However, it is a very important component of any vehicle.

A proper exhaust system will help keep the car running smoothly as it diverts harmful fumes away from the engine, through the muffler and out the exhaust pipe(s). When there are problems within the exhaust system, exhaust manifold or catalytic converter, it is not good for the health of the car or the driver. The engine will deteriorate if those emissions aren’t being pumped out. Worse yet, an exhaust leak or backup can lead to deadly carbon monoxide getting into the passenger cabin.

When your exhaust system is performing properly, it will reduce emissions. Your fuel economy can even improve with routine inspections, maintenance and repairs of your exhaust pipes, manifold, catalytic converter, muffler and other vital components of your exhaust system.

Your Colorado Springs Exhaust and Muffler Shop

In other words, you want your exhaust system to perform as well as possible. That’s why you should trust the Colorado Springs exhaust repair and exhaust maintenance experts of LightHouse Automotive. Our team of expert automotive technicians are skilled at dealing with exhaust issues, from standard factory exhaust systems to custom performance exhaust systems.

How do you know if you have an exhaust problem? There are several common signs that you are experiencing an exhaust issue:

Your Colorado Springs Exhaust and Muffler Shop | LightHouse Automotive

Unusual Vibrating – If the car is starting to vibrate or it is losing power, the exhaust could be the culprit. Vibrations could be any number of things, so that’s something worth having inspected by the professionals at LightHouse Automotive.

Strange Noises – If the car seems unusually loud when you accelerate or there is any kind of rattling, it’s worth getting your exhaust checked out.

Unpleasant Smells – If the usual exhaust smell or any other unpleasant smells get really strong in the cabin while you are driving, don’t risk carbon monoxide poison. Get your exhaust system inspected as soon as possible.

Check Engine Light – Obviously, the check engine light can mean any number of things. It could be the catalytic converter, which is a key component of the exhaust system.

Poor Fuel Efficiency – If you notice that your car doesn’t seem to be getting its normal gas mileage, the exhaust system might be to blame.

LightHouse Automotive Exhaust and Muffler Repair Services

Whenever you think you might have an exhaust problem, it is best not to wait for it to become an even bigger issue. Exhaust leaks, rusted pipes, damaged mufflers, weakened exhaust manifold gaskets and malfunctioning catalytic converters are all worth fixing as soon as you can. Otherwise, the problems can compound into major engine damage or personal safety hazards.

Count on LightHouse Automotive for all your Colorado Springs exhaust repair and maintenance needs. We also provide custom exhaust work. We can replace your entire exhaust system, change out the muffler for a better sound in the car or install custom performance upgrades for any type of vehicle.

Exhaust and Muffler Repair Services | LightHouse Automotive

Exhaust Repairs and Services for Colorado Springs:

  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket Repair
  • Muffler Repair and Installation
  • Exhaust Pipe Cleaning, Repair and Restoration
  • Exhaust Leak Repair (Minor or Major)
  • Exhaust Diagnostics
  • Custom Exhaust Design and Installation (X Pipe, New Muffler, Dual Exhaust, etc.)

Call LightHouse Automotive at (719) 465-0302 for all your exhaust repair and exhaust maintenance needs.

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