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The Importance of Visibility During Colorado's Winter Season

Driver visibility is often, ironically, overlooked when it comes to standard vehicle maintenance. Most people are pretty good about getting their oil changed and their tires rotated when service is due. As we head into the cold, rainy and snowy months here in Colorado Springs, however, visibility should be a major priority for all vehicle owners. 

If your vision is compromised at all while driving, it's not safe for you, the other drivers around you or even pedestrians. You want to be able to see well so that you can drive safely. With this in mind, LightHouse Automotive has put together these visibility maintenance tips.

1. Get a Defroster Check-Up

In addition to keeping you warm in the vehicle, your heater/air conditioner runs your front defroster fans. Most rear defrosters are actually more of an electrical feature. Both should be inspected by an auto repair expert and tuned up as needed so that you can keep your windows as clear as well as possible while on the road.

2. Make Sure All Your Exterior Lights Are Working

Headlights (including your brights) should be working well to help you see at night or in stormy conditions. Likewise, you want to make sure all your tail lights, running lights, brake lights, turn signals, fog lights and any other exterior lights are on and bright, so that other drivers can see you in low-visibility conditions.

3. Keep that Windshield Clean

It may be the ideal time to get new windshield wiper blades and top off your windshield washer fluid. Keep an ice scraper in your glove box for those freezing mornings, as well. You may also want to invest in a windshield protection solution like Rain X that will help repel rain and ice more effectively.

4. Be Alert

This isn't really a vehicle maintenance tip, but it's just smart driving. You should always be alert when you are behind the wheel, but even more so if the weather outside is limiting your visibility. Whether it's nighttime darkness, rain, snow, sleet, icy roads or fog, you should be extra vigilant during the fall, winter and early spring months.

5. Other Winter Maintenance Issues

Beyond just visibility-related issues, there are other wintertime maintenance services you should take care of before it's too late. We're talking about tire care, brakes, cooling system, suspension, exhaust, wheel alignment and all the other things that will help keep you and your passengers safer on the road.

We hope you find this article helpful. For all of these maintenance and repair services, you can count on the auto repair professionals at LightHouse Automotive. Give us a call at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online using this convenient link.


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