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Dodge Caravan Owner Gets Suspension Repairs at LightHouse Automotive

Mariano was experiencing suspension issues in his Dodge Caravan, so he took his vehicle into LightHouse Automotive in Colorado Springs for a proper diagnosis and professional repairs. He had been to our shop previously for some transmission repairs, so he knew he could count on our team to provide quality service.

“The replacement of the rear suspension bushings for my Dodge Caravan turned out to be more difficult and time consuming than expected, but the crew at LightHouse stayed with it until the job got done at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!”

Suspension problems can often be more complex than simply replacing some worn parts. Ultimately, the bushings themselves are pretty simple to install. They are there to provide cushioning and reduce noise, vibration and bumps while driving. Once we swapped out the bushings, there were other adjustments that needed to be made to get everything back in alignment so the rear suspension was performing correctly. It took a little extra time with Mariano’s minivan, but our auto technicians stuck with it to make sure the job was done right.

The front and rear suspension systems are so important to the handling and overall safety of a vehicle, you can be sure we are going to take our time to dial everything in perfectly before putting the car back on the road!

“The previous work they performed on my transmission was great, too,” Mariano adds. “I immediately noticed better performance when I drove it home. I highly recommend you give these mechanics a try. They know what they are doing and with the NAPA parts warranty they offer, it just makes sense to use them for any vehicle repair you may need.”

Thank you, Mariano, for your endorsement of LightHouse Automotive. And yes, as a certified NAPA AutoCare Center, we offer the NAPA Peace of Mind Warranty (36 months/36,000 miles) on qualifying parts and repairs. That warranty is good nationwide at over 14,000 NAPA facilities, so it definitely gives you peace of mind no matter where you travel.

For all your Colorado Springs auto repair needs or to learn more about the NAPA warranty program, call LightHouse Automotive today at (719) 465-0302 or book your next service appointment online.


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