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Common Signs of An Exhaust Leak

Your exhaust system will usually alert you with a series of symptoms when something's wrong with it. Since it's responsible for managing fumes inside and out of your vehicle, it can also impact your engine performance when something goes wrong. Below are the top signs that your exhaust system will exemplify if you require repairs.

Foul odors

When you smell gas or any strong chemicals surrounding your car, it often goes back to the exhaust system. For instance, the catalytic converter will produce a rotten egg smell if it needs repairs. Breathing in these toxic gases may not only be smelly, but it can be dangerous as well.

Bad vibrations

Random car vibrations can point to many things, and an exhaust leak is one of them. When you have an exhaust leak, it is merely impossible to drive your car safely. Please make sure you take your car to a repair shop right away.

Check engine light

A lit check engine light can indicate several problems, including the need for exhaust repair. Neglecting this dashboard warning light can spread damage to other parts like your engine, so do not delay servicing your vehicle.

Strange noises

Your engine and car should be relatively quiet when it is healthy. When it starts producing odd sounds, it could mean you have an exhaust leak. This sound can be described as loud rumbling and pairs with exhaust smoke. 

Decreased fuel efficiency

Finally, you may notice that you have to fill up more than usual when dealing with a compromised exhaust system. Specific exhaust problems can stop the system from diverting combustion byproducts and heat away from the engine. In other words, your engine will be putting in extra work in hotter than average temps. 


If you've noticed these symptoms of exhaust problems, please call or visit the experts at Lighthouse Automotive in Colorado Springs, CO. 

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