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Auto Electric Repair Services at LightHouse Automotive

When it comes to your vehicle, the electronic systems are very complicated. There are many different components of a car that are powered by the battery, including the audio system, the starter, the headlights, dashboard gauges, computer system and more. The more complex that modern vehicles get with features such as entertainment and GPS systems, the more important the electronics are. Then, we also have hybrid and fully electric vehicles that depend greatly on the battery power to run so many different things.

Some electrical issues can be easy to diagnose and fix. Wires may come undone or fuses could short out. Other electrical issues require a great deal of inspection to figure out the root of the problem. Either way, dealing with vehicle electronics repairs is probably not something you want to deal with yourself. It can be dangerous and it requires specialized knowledge from an auto repair technician who knows what they are doing. A sloppy fix could lead to even bigger electrical problems, so trust these delicate repairs to the experts at LightHouse Automotive in Colorado Springs.

Signs You Might Have Electrical Problems

There are a few signs that could mean your vehicle is experiencing some technical difficulties:

• Your check engine light is flashing - This could be any number of urgent issues, so you will want to get it checked out as soon as possible.

• Dashboard warning lights - Your dashboard may have a specific warning light that shows there is a battery problem or some other electrical malfunction.

• Difficulty starting engine - If your ignition isn't firing up the engine like it normally does, it could be an electrical problem.

• Various electrical malfunctions - If your headlights, taillights or dashboard display are dim, window and door locks aren't working right, or the audio system is acting strange, there is likely an electrical issue at hand.

• Smoke or fire - This is obviously a very serious concern, but if there is an electrical short that sparks a fire, get out of the vehicle and call for help immediately!

LightHouse Automotive Electric Repair and Battery Repair Services

Sometimes, the battery just needs to be replaced or recharged. Other times, there could be faulty wiring that needs to be fixed. In some cases, the internal computer may just have some software glitches that need to be addressed. There are any number of electrical issues that can happen. That's why it's good to have automotive electronics experts like the team at LightHouse Automotive on your side.

For all your vehicle electrical repair and car battery repair needs, count on LightHouse Automotive. Call our auto shop today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your repair service appointment online.


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