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Are You Due for an Oil Change?

When is the last time you changed the oil in your car? It's important to keep track of this most common vehicle maintenance procedure. The engine oil is truly the life blood of any car, truck or SUV, and it's vital to make sure that it is changed per your manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule. Whether it's every 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000 miles depending on your vehicle, you will never want to overlook your regular oil changes.

Winter Maintenance

This is especially true during the cold, wet and icy winter season here in Colorado Springs. This weather can really put a lot of extra stress on your vehicle, especially the engine. If clean oil is not running through the system as needed, parts will seize up and it will lead to major engine damage. Something as simple as changing out the oil and oil filter every few months can ultimately save you thousands of dollars in engine repairs. 

Don't Wait Too Long

In other words, the standard oil change is not something you ever want to put off for too long. Over time, the oil gets dirty and gunky, and it needs to be replaced as needed. If it loses viscosity, then metal components in the engine will start to rub together. This leads to more debris and metal shavings that will only compound the potential damage. If you wait too long in between oil changes, you are taking a major risk.

Other Routine Maintenance

Beyond just the oil changes, make sure you are taking care of other routine maintenance steps. This includes rotating tires, brake service, fuel system service, cooling system service, power steering service and several other important preventative maintenance procedures. These will keep your vehicle running right and help prevent major breakdowns. 

For all your Colorado Springs oil change and preventative maintenance needs, count on the auto repair experts at LightHouse Automotive. Call our shop today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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