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5 Ways to Prevent Your Vehicle Battery From Dying This Winter

Harsh weather, such as extremely cold or hot temperatures, can increase the likelihood of an unexpected breakdown and disabled car. Without proper maintenance this winter, your vehicle may face some troubles. One of the most common issues that we see at Lighthouse Automotive is dead or drained car batteries. 

To avoid using every bit of juice left in your battery, we welcome you to our auto repair shop for a battery test and inspection. We can let you know how your battery is doing and when to expect a battery replacement. 

5 Tips on How to Prevent a Dying Car Battery

  1. Avoid Battery-Draining Habits - Forgetting to turn off your headlights or leaving the door open with your cabin lights on may just seem like an “oopsies” at first. However, don’t be surprised if your vehicle struggles to start the next. Overloading your battery with multiple things at once, especially while idling, can kill your battery too. If you want to eliminate the risks of a dead battery, avoid these unhealthy tendencies.
  2. Disconnect the Battery - If you know you’re not going to be using your vehicle for an extended period, such as multiple weeks or months at a time, don’t be afraid to disconnect the battery. Bringing it to a temperature-controlled area will save it from dying.
  3. Buy a Charger - If the previous tip seems like a hassle to you, invest in a battery charger. These are great investments and can keep your battery filled up. 
  4. Limit Short Trips - Taking too many short trips around town can actually hurt your battery. Make sure you take longer drives, so your alternator has time to recharge the battery.
  5. Clean the Battery Terminals - A dirty battery can minimize its lifespan. That is why you should clean your battery terminals frequently to stunt the growth of corrosion. 

We can take care of your battery and all your other vehicle maintenance this winter. If you need a battery test, feel free to stop by our auto repair shop anytime.

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