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Is One of Your Wheel Hub Bearings Worn Out? Here Are the Signs to Look For.

Each wheel hub in your vehicle contains a bearing assembly that allows the wheel to rotate freely as you drive. If one of these wheel hub bearings fails or becomes damaged in any way, it will definitely impact the performance and safety of your car.

Depending on the severity of the damage, it may just be a minor noise nuisance at first. If the bearing is not repaired/replaced, however, it can lead to much bigger problems in the wheel. As with any automotive issue, it’s better to get it repaired now before it leads to a much more expensive auto repair.

Here are some of the common signs associated with worn wheel hub bearings:

1. Grinding Noise

If you hear (or sometimes even feel) a grinding noise coming from the car, it is often a sign of a damaged wheel bearing.

2. Humming Noise

Sometimes, you might just hear an unusual humming noise or high-pitched sound coming from your car as you drive. As you corner one way or the other, the sound could become more pronounced and it’s often a dead giveaway that one of the wheel bearings is worn out.

3. Other Sounds

Clicking, popping, snapping, knocking or clunking noises have all been associated with wheel bearing issues. Of course, any strange noise coming from your vehicle is cause for concern and can be coming from various automotive components. It’s always worth getting your car looked at by an expert mechanic to determine the true source of the noise and the severity of any damage.

4. Vibrating or Wobbling Wheels

If it feels like one or more of your wheels is vibrating or wobbling in a strange way, it could be a suspension, brake, tire or wheel hub bearing problem.

5. Car Pulling to One Side

Though likely just a wheel alignment problem, the car pulling to one side (especially if it happens while braking) can also be a sign of a bad wheel bearing.

6. Uneven Brake Pad or Tire Wear

If you notice that one of your tires is wearing out a lot quicker than the rest or the brake pads have noticeably uneven wear, this is another sign of a wheel hub bearing, wheel alignment, brake or suspension issue worth getting checked out.

The point is if you notice anything strange happening in your car, it’s a good idea to have it inspected and repaired before a minor issue turns into major automotive damage. If you are in the Colorado Springs area, count on the professional automotive technicians at LightHouse Automotive to diagnose any auto problem and get the repairs done right at a fair price. Call our shop today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service visit online.


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