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5 Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

Is your vehicle due for a wheel alignment? If you are in the Colorado Springs area, you can always bring your car, truck or SUV into LightHouse Automotive for a quick and easy wheel alignment check. We can tell you if anything is misaligned or off-balance with the wheels, tires, suspension, brakes, axles or differential(s), and we'll offer honest recommendations for wheel alignment and balance repairs.

Otherwise, it's sometimes fairly easy to tell yourself if you have a wheel alignment problem with your vehicle. You may notice some strange things when you are driving or you can take a look at your tires to see the common signs of wheel misalignment. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, it may be a wheel alignment concern that's worth getting repaired or at least looked at by a professional auto repair technician like LightHouse Automotive.

1. Vehicle Pulling Hard to Left or Right

If you are driving and your car is clearly pulling hard one way or the other, it is most likely an alignment issue. Something is off-balance with the camber, caster or toe of the wheels or there is something else causing the problem.

2. Uneven Tire Treads

If you look at your tire treads and see that one is wearing out quicker than the others, or the tire itself is wearing out unevenly (perhaps on one edge of the tire compared to the other), then this is a common sign of wheel misalignment. It could also be a suspension or brake issue worth looking into, but it most likely a wheel alignment problem you'll want to have rectified. You should be rotating your tires every 5,000-6,000 miles anyway, but severely uneven tread wear is something you'll want to have fixed.

3. Rapid Tire Wear

If your tires (all of them or just one of them) are wearing out faster than they should, it may be a wheel alignment problem that you will want to have inspected and repaired by an expert technician.

4. Crooked Steering Wheel

You may not feel a strong pull toward one side or the other, but you can look at your steering wheel. If you are driving straight and the wheel itself is tilted significantly to the left or right, it is a clear sign of an alignment issue.

5. Squealing Tires

A squealing/squeaking tire is a distinctively different sound than screeching brakes. If you notice this sound, it's probably time for a wheel alignment check.

When it comes to all your Colorado Springs wheel alignment, tire, brake, suspension and drive train inspection, maintenance and repair needs, count on the team at LightHouse Automotive. Call us today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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