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Why You Shouldn't Ignore an Oil Leak

People often take engine oil leaks pretty lightly. They look past that stain on their driveway, they put down some kitty litter to absorb the leak, or they just keep topping off the oil tank.

Dealing with Any Fluid Leaks

The truth is that any fluid leak in your vehicle shouldn't be ignored. The most concerning leaks will be transmission fluid, radiator coolant (antifreeze) or brake fluid. If you notice any of those fluids leaking from under your vehicle, you will not want to wait to bring it to a knowledgeable mechanic for a proper inspection. Even the smallest leak can be a sign of bigger problems. Or, it may be something minor that can be fixed immediately before it develops into something much more costly.

Engine Oil Leaks

The same is true with motor oil. It is the lifeblood of your car's engine and it provides vital lubricating properties throughout the system. The oil tank does hold an excess reserve of oil, so it can handle a little leaking for a short while. However, the leak means you are loosing oil and ultimately it will do damage to your engine if there isn't enough oil running through the components. As you can imagine, internal repairs to an engine aren't cheap. Even if you are continuing to top off the oil reservoir, it's just a temporary band-aid fix that really isn't going to resolve anything long-term.

Common Leak Repairs

In most cases, an oil leak is happening because of a worn seal or gasket, or maybe a loose connection on one of the lines. These issues are very easy to repair with replacement parts. If there is a bigger problem such as a cracked oil pan or something else, then the need for repair will be more urgent. 

Also, the leaking oil can lead to damage with other parts. It can drip down into the chassis, get on fan belts, affect brakes and suspension components and more. It's also just bad for the environment if you are leaking oil everywhere you go!

If you notice an oil leak under your car, do not ignore it. Bring it into a local auto shop like LightHouse Automotive in Colorado Springs for a proper inspection and repairs. You may just be due for a routine oil change. If there's something more concerning, we'll let you know what it is and what it will take to repair it correctly. Either way, you'll have peace of mind knowing you aren't potentially doing further damage to your engine or other automotive systems.

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