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LightHouse Automotive Saves Customer Time and Money By Avoiding Unnecessary Auto Repairs

Richard was getting frustrated after dealing with a Jeep dealership in Denver. They were recommending a major repair, but he wasn't sure it was necessary. He knew it was at least worth seeking a second opinion from a reputable automotive shop, so he called Rylan Blair at LightHouse Automotive.

"Rylan and his crew inspected my Jeep," Richard says in his online review. "The Jeep dealer in Denver recommended I basically replace my front end. I doubted this analysis because I had no play shaking, etc."

Rylan and our LightHouse Automotive team in Colorado Springs were happy to take a better look at Richard's Jeep in order to determine the problem. Rylan personally has a lot of experience with Jeep vehicles, so he and our automotive technicians performed a thorough inspection to see if there were any significant issues with the front end. "They inspected it and you guessed it. I didn't need any front end work," Richard notes. 

Though the front end was fine, it was determined that the Jeep still needed some standard maintenance services to get back to its normal performance. Rylan recommended the LightHouse Automotive Big 3 Service Package. This includes cleaning the air-intake induction system, fuel injection system and throttle body. Once these services were completed, Richard was back on the road enjoying his Jeep once again—ultimately spending way less money on a service package than replacing the entire front end. It just goes to show that at LightHouse Automotive, we're about getting the job done right and not trying to upsell our customers on unnecessary auto repairs.

Richard was so pleased with his LightHouse Automotive service experience that he brought his other car into us for air conditioning repair. "So I brought my Chevy Venture to them after the dealer gave up on A/C. They fixed what the dealer said they could not do," Richard adds. "And they did it for less after redoing all the dealer did. It works fine and I have a 12-month warranty."

We see stories like Richard's all the time at LightHouse Automotive. If you are unsure about what your dealer or another shop recommends and want to get a second opinion, give us a call at (719) 465-0302 and we'll provide our expert, honest advice. It could save you time and money, or at least give you peace of mind knowing that the original repair recommendation was accurate. 

We'd also like to thank Richard for sharing his story. We want to get your feedback about your LightHouse Automotive service experiences. Please share your comments and rate us on our Reviews page, on our Facebook page or on Yelp. We would really appreciate hearing what you have to say! Thank you.


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