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​​How to Winterize Your Vehicle

It's December, which means the cold winter is on its way. Before anything else, you need to consider winterizing your vehicle. These steps are necessary to keep your vehicle performing its best during the cold months in Colorado Springs, CO. If the roads tend to get snowy or icy where you live, please pay attention to the following tips.


10 Tips to Winterize Your Vehicle 

  1. Cold weather slows down your battery processes and capacity. Have a professional test your battery to see if it needs replacing, charging or cleaning before the season sets in.
  2. Properly functioning windshield wipers and an ample supply of wiper fluid are a must this time of year, as you need a clear line of sight to see.
  3. Consider swapping out your regular all-season tires for winter tires. Winter tires provide more traction in wet or slushy road conditions.
  4. The cold will also cause the air pressure in your tires to decrease. Please have a pressure gauge on you and refill your tires (if needed) to ensure proper contact between the road and your tires.
  5. The freezing temps will also make your engine oil more viscous and flow slower in your vehicle. To ensure optimal oil flow and engine efficiency, get an oil change at the start of the season.
  6. All your exterior lights should be clean and properly lit to ensure the best visibility. If your headlights look foggy, hazy or damaged, consider replacing the lens cover or getting a restoration.
  7. Have a mechanic check your belts and hoses for sign of excessive wear and tear.
  8. Your brakes are the most important aspect to vehicle safety. Please ensure you have enough brake fluid and healthy brake pads for efficient braking.
  9. To stop the coolant in your radiator from freezing, please inspect the anti-freeze solution.
  10. Pack your car with emergency supplies in case you experience a breakdown.

Before the harsh winter weather welcomes us, you should have your vehicle inspected and repaired to take on the challenges winter can pose. Routine vehicle maintenance is important every season, but especially during the winter months. For dependable auto services, please bring your car to Lighthouse Automotive in Colorado Springs, CO. You can trust that your vehicle will be in good hands!

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