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4 Fall/Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Car's Cooling System

Fall is officially here in Colorado Springs, CO and another cold winter is on the way. While we can't stress it enough, now is the perfect time to check up on your vehicle before the cold kicks in. One major component that should be inspected is your cooling system.

The cooling system is responsible for keeping your engine from overheating while it is hard at work. However, it also protects your engine and its components from the cold. Ultimately, you can think of it as a temperature regulation system for the motor. In other words, it's working hard in every season. Here are some helpful tips to follow this Fall and Winter to protect your cooling system!

Tip #1 - Look Out for Coolant Leaks

Leaks of radiator fluid, or coolant, can be pretty common. This solution is typically bright in color and easy to identify below the vehicle. If you notice any fluid leak, you should have a professional mechanic check it out to ensure it doesn't lead to significant problems down the line.

Tip #2 - Make Sure You Have Enough Coolant

Like all your other essential fluids, the coolant should be at a proper fill level inside the radiator. You can keep up with your coolant levels with regular inspections. Just make sure your car is completely cooled down before opening the radiator cap, as it can be quite hot and steamy. If the fluid level looks low or the fluid itself looks contaminated or smells burnt, please take it to a mechanic stat.

Tip #3 - Inspect the Belts, Seals, and Hoses

There are multiple belts, seals, and hoses that connect the different parts of your cooling system. The hot summer could have damaged these rubber and plastic pieces, so be sure to have a look at the start of Fall. A technician at Lighthouse Automotive can replace any of these if needed.

Tip #4 - Get a Professional Cooling System Inspection

This is the perfect time of year to get a complete cooling system inspection from a trusted auto repair shop like LightHouse Automotive. Our service team can inspect all the components and refill or flush the coolant as needed. To schedule a cooling system inspection, please call us at (719) 465-0302 or visit our shop today!

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