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Classic Carburetors vs. Fuel Injection Systems

There's a simple equation that explains what powers your car's engine: 

Fuel + Air = Combustion

Gasoline or diesel is obviously the fuel in this equation, but many people overlook the importance of the air intake when it comes to the health and performance of their vehicle. First, it explains the need for a clean engine air filter. You should have your air filter checked with any automotive maintenance service visit and replaced if it is getting dirty. Otherwise, it will hinder the air flow and/or air quality being taken in, which both will impact the overall performance of your engine in negative ways. 

Second, you need a system that controls the air intake and allows just the right amount of air into the engine at just the right times. This is where you'll either have a carburetor or a fuel injection system. Let's take a look at the differences.

Fuel Injection

Modern vehicles will utilize what's called "fuel injection" to properly provide the right mix of air and fuel in the engine. It is powered by the car's electronical systems to provide precise results. As is often the case with modern technology, fuel injection system repairs can be tricky and should usually be left in the hands of professionals. If you have a fuel injection problem, let the expert auto repair technicians at LightHouse Automotive inspect and repair it for you. We can also handle standard fuel injection service and cleaning as part of a recommended vehicle maintenance program.


Older vehicles will have a carburetor (or "carb," if you prefer) in the engine compartment that manually handles the air intake controls. In a basic sense, it is a tube that uses valves to disperse the desired amount of air into the engine as it is needed. It was actually a very ingenious invention in its day and many classic car owners prefer the way it performs. However, as you might expect with older technology, carburetors can easily get worn out or damaged with regular use. Sometimes, simple repairs can fix them up. In other cases, they need to be completely rebuilt or replaced. Carburetor repair work is usually a little less complex than fuel injection repairs, but unless you are a skilled mechanic, you will want to trust your carburetor repairs to the auto repair technicians at LightHouse Automotive.

Of course, most older cars can be retrofit with a modern intake system, fuel injection or performance manifold system. LightHouse Automotive does a lot of custom work on classic cars, so contact our team for more information.

Whether you have an old school carburetor or a new school fuel injection system, LightHouse Automotive is here to help with all your repairs, service and maintenance needs. Call our Colorado Springs auto shop today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule a service appointment online.


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