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LightHouse Automotive Helps Customer with a Rebuilt Carburetor

Jim was frustrated. He had taken his 1982 Dodge to another automotive shop in Colorado Springs for repairs. The other mechanic rebuilt the carburetor and installed new spark plugs. However, that only made things worse. The car would backfire and black smoke came from the carburetor. Jim knew that he needed to take his Dodge elsewhere, but he didn't know an auto shop in town he could trust.

Jim asked around and one of his good friends recommended LightHouse Automotive. This friend has been a loyal customer of ours for over 10 years, so he felt very comfortable referring Jim to our auto shop. "I needed another carburetor for my Dodge," Jim says in his online review. "Impossible to find one these days, except Rylan [Blair, co-owner of LightHouse Automotive] found one, rebuilt it, and now my car runs like a new one!!"

When Jim brought his car into our automotive repair facility, the LightHouse Automotive technicians inspected the carburetor and spark plugs that were supposedly fixed before. Our certified NAPA Auto Care Center team noticed that the wrong spark plugs were installed and the carburetor rebuild was very poorly done. This kind of work is unacceptable to us, so we tracked down another used carburetor. The tricky part was finding the right carburetor for this particular vehicle. It was only in production for two years and it wasn't easy for Rylan to find. However, he ultimately found the right carburetor and then rebuilt it from scratch to make sure it was performing well. Then, we installed the correct spark plugs. After thorough testing, the car was running great again and Jim couldn't have been happier with the results, especially knowing the carburetor repairs and new spark plugs were backed by the NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind Warranty (36 months/36,000 miles).

"Rylan and his staff are fantastic," Jim adds. "Most mechanic shops would have given up, but not Rylan. Thank you Rylan and LightHouse Automotive for an outstanding job and wonderful customer service!!"

At LightHouse Automotive, we are happy whenever we can help a customer with their automotive repair and maintenance needs. Whether it's major repair job or routine service, we believe in treating people right. Unfortunately, Jim had a bad service experience elsewhere and that kind of stuff makes all mechanics look bad. It makes us feel good knowing we were able to turn his opinions around and make him a satisfied LightHouse Automotive customer.

If your car is in need of repair or you want an second opinion if you've already taken your vehicle elsewhere, just call LightHouse Automotive today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule a service appointment online.


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