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3 Transmission Problems You Can't Ignore

Your vehicle's transmission is designed to (either manually or automatically) shift your car into the right gear and keep your vehicle running smoothly. How do you know when it has troubles? Well, imagine you're about to park your car when you get home. As you put the car in reverse, a jerking noise is made with shifting gears. The sound and jerk last merely a few seconds, but you're able to park the car without any other problems, hoping your transmission is not blown to pieces. That is simply an instance that begins the start of transmission problems.


3 Common Symptoms of Transmission Trouble


1. Transmission Has Difficulty Shifting Gears - If you notice when you're behind the wheel and your gears change from reverse to neutral for no apparent reason, then that is a clear sign of a transmission issue. Another symptom related to this is if your car is not accelerating fast enough or struggling to accelerate. You should observe any delays between shifting gears, whether the connection is slow or if there's a long pause. We depend significantly on our gears to drive.


2. Transmission Fluid Is Leaking - If you start to notice red fluid on the ground under your car, it might signify that your transmission fluid is leaking and needs to be serviced. To make sure the leak is persistent, lay a piece of cardboard under your car and place it in the middle of the vehicle.


3. Warning Light on Dashboard - Most of us know that the check engine light usually means trouble for your vehicle. It might not be transmission-related, but a flashing light is a sign of giving your car attention immediately. Regardless of what it may be, you want to get it inspected and diagnosed as soon as you can.


These are some symptoms that may show when your transmission needs attention. Whether what season it may be, you need to get the necessary help as soon as possible. The last place you'd want to end up is on the side of the road. If your car needs transmission repair, we welcome you to visit Lighthouse Automotive today. 

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