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Fun Road Trip Game Ideas for Your Kids


Traveling on the road with children can be a headache sometimes, but we advise you to make it fun this summer! Shake things up this summer with you and your family by playing some fun games on the road. Here are some ideas to keep your kids' screen time down or from asking the infamous question: "Are we there yet?"


Name That Song

This game is perfect for those music-loving families. Name That Song is relatively self-explanatory. The adult can play tunes through a chosen playlist or radio. Every time a different song comes on, test your knowledge and be the first to shout out the song's artist and the song's title. Whoever can name the most songs at the end of the journey wins the game!


I Spy

One of the children can be nominated to be "it," and they get to choose a specific thing in the car to center on. The other kids will take turns guessing clues until somebody correctly guesses the object selected by "it."


20 Questions

Like I Spy, there is also a mystery target, chosen by one person, for the passengers to guess. As the name of the game states, there are only 20 questions that everyone can ask. If no one gets the object by the end of the 20 questions, then the person who chose the mystery object wins.


The License Plate Game

The objective of the game is to find as many license plates from as many different states as possible. Whoever detects the first out-of-state plate gets to cross it off on their map. This game will require paper maps and pens or pencils. 


Don’t Say It

At the start of the road trip, choose 5 (or more) words that cannot be said during the trip. If someone speaks one of the off-limit words, they receive a point. The kid with the smallest amount of points at the end of the trip wins. Either parent can keep a tally. 


These games are just several of the many games you can play on the road with your kids. We hope this list will change the way you approach road trips with the rest of the family. If you are planning a road getaway soon, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to Lighthouse Automotive in Colorado Springs, CO, for a pre-trip inspection. Safe travels!



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