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Packing Tips for Your Next Road Trip

With Labor Day coming up, most of us are hitting the road for a weekend trip. However, we guarantee that you won't be looking forward to the packing itself. Our procrastination often leads to overpacking, and the next thing you know, you are struggling to stuff the back of your trunk. It takes skill and patience to safely and effectively pack your vehicle, and we are here to tell you how! These are our top tips on how to pack your car for your upcoming road trip:


#1: Clear Out Your Car

Before you do any packing, you must start with a cleaned-out vehicle. This chore entails removing everything from the cabin and trunk that you don't need for the course of the trip, such as your trash, clunky gear, or your children's toys.


#2: Get Packing the Night Before

We recommend packing up the car the night before the trip or as in advance as possible. As a result, you can begin the journey without stress.


#3: Carry Soft Baggage

Soft luggage, such as duffle bags or totes, is highly recommended if you want to maximize your trunk space. A hard-case suitcase with wheels may be an exception if your trip duration is longer and you need to lug it in around. However, hard bags take up a lot of room.


#4: Avoid Jamming Stuff in the Trunk

If it doesn't budge, then it will not fit. You mustn't cram so much stuff to the point where the driver can't see out the rear window. The driver will need a clear view from all sides of the car. 


#5: Don't Forget to Pack Your Emergency Kit

It's imperative to save some extra space for an emergency kit. Your kit may include jumper cables, spare tire, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, drinking water, and nonperishable food. It's better to prepare for the unexpected.


These packing tips will surely make your planning and packing process a little easier, so you can enjoy your road trip. Safety is the number priority of any trip. Our skillful technicians can give you a complete inspection to make sure your vehicle can make the trip. Give us a call or come by Lighthouse Automotive today!

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