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3 Signs You Might Need a New Water Pump

Most vehicles will rely upon a water pump system to keep the engine cool and maintain consistent running temperatures. It’s vital to prevent overheating. There are air cooling systems, as well, which require their own maintenance and care. In this article, however, we want to focus on water pumps.

Modern vehicles that use water pumps have more sophisticated cooling systems that are designed to last longer. This is pretty true with all modern vehicle designs. However, no car is exempt from something going wrong and it always pays to know what to look for in case of a failing water pump. Obviously, the older your vehicle is, the more concern you should have for your water pump. When it fails, your engine will overheat and it could lead to more significant engine damage if not fixed or replaced as quickly as possible.

If you do have water pump or cooling system problems, bring your vehicle into LightHouse Automotive for an inspection and repairs. We’re here to help and our team of technicians is very well-versed in water pump repair and cooling system maintenance.

Here are some of the common signs that might mean your vehicle is having water pump or other cooling system issues:

1. Whining Sounds

If your vehicle is making strange noises, it can be a number of issues that are worth having looked at. Brakes, fan belts and exhaust systems are some other common culprits for loud whining noises, but they can also come from a failing water pump. The noise usually comes from the bearings inside the water pump getting worn out. This leads to parts grinding together and ultimately the water pump itself giving out. Any strange noises you hear should be inspected and fixed by a professional before they potentially lead to even bigger repairs.

2. Radiator Coolant Leaks

If you notice radiator fluid (otherwise known as coolant or antifreeze) leaking from underneath your car, it can be a sign of a failing water pump or something else wrong within your cooling system. Your radiator may have a leak or one of the gaskets could be failing. Replacing a worn gasket is a simple and relatively inexpensive procedure that may save you thousands down the road. Either way, you’ll want to get your cooling system checked out by an expert at the first sign of any coolant leak.

3. Engine Overheating

The most obvious sign of a failing water pump or cooling system problem is when the car overheats. Whether it happens just once or keeps recurring, overheating is not something you want to happen. Get it looked and repaired before major engine damage occurs. Also, be very careful dealing with an overheated engine if you are on the side of the road. Remember everything is running really, really hot (that’s why it’s called “overheating”) so don’t touch any parts without protection and always watch your eyes for hot liquid or steam coming from the radiator.

When it comes to water pump replacement, radiator repair and cooling system inspections, LightHouse Automotive has you covered. We’ll uncover any issue and give you the information you need to make sound repair decisions. Call our Colorado Springs auto repair shop today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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