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10 of the Most Common Auto Repairs Performed at LightHouse Automotive

If you own a car or truck, you can expect to need repairs at some point. Beyond just standard preventative maintenance, minor and major automotive repairs are just a regular part of life for most of us. It’s important to have an auto repair shop in town you can trust. That’s why people throughout Colorado Springs turn to the automotive repair experts at LightHouse Automotive.

We often get asked what the most common automotive repair services are. We’ve compiled this list of the Top 10 so you know what to expect when it comes to caring for your vehicle. These are some of the repairs we perform most often at LightHouse Automotive:

1. Brake Pads and Rotors

You want your brakes to be working correctly at all times. Brake pads get worn out with regular use and the brake rotors can also wear out over time. You’ll want to get your brakes inspected often. The pads should be replaced as needed and the rotors should be replaced or remachined if they are getting worn out.

2. Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is a key component of your vehicle’s exhaust system. It burns off dangerous gasses and exhaust fumes. Some common signs of a failing catalytic converter include the check engine light coming on, exhaust leaks or an overheating engine.

3. Tire Repair

There are different levels of tire repair. If you get a flat, it can often be fixed with a patch kit. In some severe cases, the whole tire may need to be replaced. All your tires should be replaced once the tread level gets too low.

4. Power Steering

If your vehicle has power steering, it may need maintenance and repairs from time to time. Sometimes, you just need to replace the power steering fluid. If you notice trouble with your steering, you’ll want to get it looked at by a professional mechanic.

5. Fuel Pump

A clogged or damaged fuel pump will really hinder the performance of your vehicle and can lead to major engine damage. A bad fuel pump is something you’ll want to have replaced immediately.

6. Oxygen Sensor

Repairing and replacing oxygen sensors is something we deal with often at LightHouse Automotive because they are very sensitive and can easily fail. Regular air filter and spark plug replacements will help extend the lifespan of your oxygen sensor, but eventually it could still wear out over time.

7. Heating/AC

Your car’s heating and air conditioning system is more complex than you realize, so heater/AC repairs are pretty common in the automotive industry. You may just need to recharge the coolant (Freon) or a good cleaning of the vents and ducts can make a big difference. Your cabin air filter is also something that should be checked and replaced as needed for better air quality and heater/AC performance.

8. Car Battery

Car batteries can lose power or die, so they need to be replaced eventually. In some cases, a simple battery recharge may do the trick to bring it back to life for awhile longer.

9. Aftermarket Upgrades

We do a lot of aftermarket upgrades and custom work at LightHouse Automotive, and we also find ourselves making repairs to aftermarket work done by other shops or by people who attempted to install the parts at home. It takes a certain level of skill and knowledge to install and maintain parts that aren’t original to the vehicle.

10. Various Minor Repairs

There are numerous other minor repairs and parts replacements that we perform often at LightHouse Automotive. This includes everything from changing windshield wipers, oil changes, fluid flushes and replacing headlights and tail light bulbs.

Whether you need major or minor automotive repairs, LightHouse Automotive has you covered. Call our shop today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online


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