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What Is the Difference Between a Fluid Change vs. Fluid Flush?

All cars, SUVs, and trucks have various essential fluids to keep their internal systems lubricated, cooled, and running. The primary fluids in every automobile include motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant/antifreeze, and windshield washer fluid. If and when these fluids run low or get dirty/contaminated, your vehicle could suffer from multiple problems.

The Importance of Fluid Maintenance

Fluid maintenance is an essential aspect of your car's overall maintenance routine. A healthy practice that many experts recommend is checking your fluids frequently. Motor oil is arguably the most important out of all your vehicle's essential liquids. And it is changed the most often. The other fluids don't need to be topped off as frequently. 

There are two important terms that you should know when it comes to fluid maintenance: fluid change and fluid flush. While they are used interchangeably in some cases, the two services are dissimilar in certain fluids. Read to understand the difference between a fluid change and a fluid flush.

  • A fluid change is very straightforward. A change includes draining the fluid from the pan or reservoir and substituting it with new fluid. In oil changes and transmission fluid changes, their corresponding filters get replaced too. This service is ideal for those with slightly old liquids and who need a refresh.

  • A fluid flush is a more complex fluid maintenance process. A professional tech will drain allthe liquid from the entire system during a flush. Once the lines are flushed, we will clean out the system and make any needed repairs before adding in fresh fluid. This service is usually required when there is a lot of corrosion and gunk within the fluid lines. If your fluids are clogged, this is highly needed. Running on contaminated fluids can even hurt your vehicle's components. 

Fluid Maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO

You can trust our certified technicians for always providing honest recommendations and services. Whether you need a fluid change or flush, we invite you to our Colorado Springs auto repair shop. For all your automotive needs, give Lighthouse Automotive a call or visit today!

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