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What Can Happen if Your Wheels Aren't Aligned

Many drivers don't realize the full importance of wheel alignment. They think it's just a minor inconvenience when the car pulls left or right on a straightaway or drifts some when making a corner. It's true that the wheels being slightly out of alignment is not a big deal at first, but the problems can compound and lead to other significant issues with your car. 

LightHouse Automotive wants you to understand some of the things that can happen to your vehicle if you don't address the wheel alignment regularly.

Tire Damage

When the wheels are not aligned properly, it will really put extra stress on the tires and they will wear out very unevenly. Even if you get your tires rotated regularly, they simply won't last as long without the wheel alignment getting corrected.

Suspension Problems

The suspension system can also be impacted by poor wheel alignment. The components will have to take on more stress to make up for the camber, caster or toe being off and that can lead to major suspension damage.

Brake Problems

Just like the suspension, the brake pads and rotors can also ensure extra wear and tear when helping make up for improper wheel alignment.

Drivetrain and Mechanical Issues

Everything from the transmission and differentials to the axles, wheels and wheel bearings can be affected by the wheel alignment. One thing off its desired axis can snowball into many other mechanical problems.

Poor Handling

When the wheels are out of alignment, the vehicle will not handle as well. This affects the car's performance and also your safety as a driver.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Having good wheel alignment is one of many factors that helps maximize a vehicle's fuel efficiency. Keeping your wheels properly aligned is one way to achieve better MPG. 

It's pretty clear why wheel alignment is so important in any vehicle. If you live in the Colorado Springs area and notice your car pulling to one side or the other, bring it into LightHouse Automotive for a wheel alignment check. Our technicians can make any adjustments (if needed) to get everything back into the ideal alignment. If there are other problems, we can inspect the brakes, suspension, drivetrain, transmission or any other affected components and recommend the necessary repairs.

Call LightHouse Automotive today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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