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Vehicle Inspections and Diagnostics at LightHouse Automotive

When you bring your car into LightHouse Automotive for repairs, the first step is to identify the problem. Our technicians want to find out exactly what is wrong and then we can provide you with an accurate repair estimate. It's like going to the doctor and getting a diagnosis. We'll determine what needs to be fix and how to fix it. Then, we'll give you the information you need to make your repair decisions. 

Depending on the severity or complexity of the automotive issue, different types of testing and inspections may need to be performed. In this article we will outline the differences between the different steps our technicians might take in order to identify any problems within your vehicle

External Inspection

This is almost always where we will start because it is the simplest type of inspection and often shows our knowledgeable mechanics everything they need to know. An external inspection requires no removal of any significant components. Our technicians will inspect the likely cause of the problem. If the issue is clear, then we'll know exactly what needs to be repaired or which parts need to be replaced. 

Internal Inspection

As you might guess, an internal inspection is going to be more in-depth than an external inspection. This is often required when one of the major automotive systems (engine, transmission, cooling system, exhaust system, heating/AC, etc.) is experiencing problems that can't be identified with a standard external inspection. Components may need to be removed and dismantled in order to get to the source of the issue and to completely determine the extent of any damage. 

Diagnostic Testing

If your check engine light is on or any of the dashboard warning lights are illuminated, diagnostic testing will generally be recommended. We have sophisticated testing equipment that links directly to your vehicle's computer system and will display specific fault codes. Diagnostics are often performed in conjunction with an internal inspection, especially when it comes to the engine or transmission. The computer testing will often help pinpoint the problem and then we can dig deeper with the inspection to verify and assess the damage. 

The goal of diagnostics and inspections at LightHouse Automotive is to make sure we know precisely what is wrong. Then, we can properly recommend repairs and provide an accurate price estimate. These are the first steps we take to ensure that the job is done right for you.

If you are in Colorado Springs and are experiencing automotive problems or one of your dashboard warning lights is on, bring your car into LightHouse Automotive for diagnostic testing or an inspection to determine exactly what needs to be fixed. Call our shop today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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