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Local Customer Trusts LightHouse Automotive for Major 4x4 Repairs

Luke owns a 4x4 vehicle that is over 30 years old. It means a lot to him and he sure gets plenty of use out of it. Colorado Springs is a great playground for drivers who like to do a little off-roading. Naturally, a vehicle like this needs a lot of care. Luke knows how important it is for him to have a mechanic he can trust to keep his 4x4 running right. After a recent visit to Rylan & Tia Blair and their team at LightHouse Automotive, Luke shared his appreciation in a Google review.

"Hands down the most honest mechanic I have ever met," Luke writes. "You know I have seen a LOT of mechanics and needless to say I will never go anywhere else. I took him a broken down hunk and he had me back on the road in no time."

Our initial inspections of Luke's vehicle at the LightHouse Automotive shop revealed many issues. When you drive something as hard as he does and the vehicle is old to begin with, you really have to pay attention to every little detail. We were able to identify some urgent issues that needed immediate repair, as well as some minor issues that required some attention. Because Rylan knew how passionate Luke was about his vehicle, he kept him as involved as possible throughout the inspection and repair processes.

"The best part was being included in the process every step of the way," Luke adds. "He allowed me to inspect the vehicle during the repairs and even rode around with me after the repairs until I was satisfied with the work. I will say again that Rylan took time out of his day to personally ensure I was happy with the work. That five minutes he spared says volumes about the work these guys do. There is no beating around the bush or surprises. Just honest work done right."

Thank you, Luke, for sharing your story and we're glad you appreciated your service experience at LightHouse Automotive. We hope you put your trust in us any time you need help with your 4x4.

Whether you own a 30-year-old 4x4 or a brand new car, you will need automotive help at some point. From vehicle inspections and preventative maintenance service to major repairs and custom aftermarket upgrades, LightHouse Automotive has to covered for all your Colorado Springs auto repair needs. Call us today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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