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6 Common Causes of Auto Electric Problems

Today's vehicles are more advanced than ever, and the automotive technology is continuing to evolve at a very rapid pace. Obviously, the more modern the car, the more complex the electrical system is going to be. From the onboard computer and a multitude of different sensors to complicated wiring systems that power various components, today's automobiles are extremely high-tech. And, we haven't even mentioned the innovations behind hybrid and electric vehicles!

You can usually tell if you have an auto electric problem. Some of the common symptoms include:

• Check engine light or battery warning light

• Engine not starting or having trouble starting

• Dimming interior or exterior lights

• Electrical malfunctions (stereo system, power windows/doors, etc.)

• Smoke (not steam) coming from under the hood

All of these are signs that you probably have an electrical problem somewhere in the vehicle. You will want to get it looked at and repaired by an expert auto repair shop like LightHouse Automotive. However, what are the most likely causes of auto electric problems? Let's take a look at some of the common culprits.

1. Battery

If you have a weak or dying battery, you will notice dimming lights and probably other electrical malfunctions. If your car won't start at all, the battery may be dead altogether. It may be time to replace your car battery.

2. Alternator

The alternator helps keep the battery charged. If it is failing or the belts are slipping, then the battery will drain quicker and you will lose electrical power. When your battery is dead or dying, most mechanics will also want to check out the alternator to see if it's the real problem behind the electrical issues.

3. Wiring

The wiring is very complex, even on most older cars. Any loose connections, frayed wires or other wiring issues could be the cause behind certain electrical problems. Especially if you see smoke or smell something burning, that is often the result of a wiring failure that you'll want to have repaired immediately.

4. Computer/Sensors

Today's vehicles are extremely dependent on the computer system that monitors and controls so much with the aid of numerous sensors. A faulty sensor could cause some malfunctions. Also, it could be a software or hardware issue within the computer itself. Most electrical issues are going to be mechanical, but we do see computer glitches from time to time.

5. Blown Fuse

If the issue is specific to one electrical component (say a power window control), then there may simply be a blown fuse that needs to be replaced.

6. Spark Plugs

Trouble with starting the engine often stems from a bad spark plug. Spark plugs use a small electrical spark to drive the pistons within the engine, so if one is damaged or worn out, you will notice the engine struggling to start or stay running.

These are the most common causes of auto electric problems, but you never know for sure until a professional mechanic performs diagnostic tests and a proper inspection of the vehicle. If you are in the Colorado Springs area and experiencing electrical issues in your car, call LightHouse Automotive today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.




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