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LightHouse Automotive Helps Out-of-Town Visitor with Water Pump Problem

Scott was on the road and traveling back to his home in Texas. When he was in the Colorado Springs area, he discovered that his water pump was leaking and the vehicle was running hot. The situation was not good and he was eager for help. However, he isn't from this area and didn't know who to call. 

"Called around for estimates and was shocked at the prices I was getting," Scott writes in his recent Google review of LightHouse Automotive. "Landed on these guys and they said they would try to help me and work on getting the price down as much as possible. They did great and beat all other estimates. And, they got right on it immediately!"

In most vehicles that use a standard cooling system, the water pump is one of the most essential components as it keeps the fluid circulating from the radiator through the engine and back again. This keeps the engine from overheating and developing major internal damage. Unfortunately, water pumps can fail and wear out with time. At the first sign of any trouble with your cooling system, you will want to have your vehicle inspected by a professional auto repair technician.

If you are in the Colorado Springs area like Scott happened to be when he experienced his water pump leak, the auto shop to call is LightHouse Automotive. We'll offer fair pricing and the most personalized customer service around, so you can get back on the road safely.

"Great people, great service, and great atmosphere," adds Scott. "5-stars on all levels! I was very fortunate to have found them and feel that, as an "out-of-towner," it was a Godsend. This community is fortunate to have an honest, reliable and friendly auto repair shop like LightHouse!"

Thank you for sharing your story, Scott. We are glad to hear you made it back home to Texas safely. If you are ever in the Colorado Springs area again, we hope you stop by and say "hi."

For anyone else in Colorado Springs in need of automotive repairs or preventative maintenance services, call LightHouse Automotive at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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