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Don't Let Bad Automotive Wiring Ruin Your Day

Other than a weak battery, bad wiring is the most common cause of electrical problems in today's cars. In some cases, a frayed wire or corroded/loose connection is just a minor nuisance. It can cause your electrical components to malfunction and act strange. In other cases, bad wiring can be quite dangerous. Just as you don't want faulty wiring in your home, you won't want it in your vehicle. It can spark electrical fires and do a lot of damage.

Signs of Auto Electric Problems

The first sign of auto electric issues is when you notice that your electronics are acting up. Perhaps your power windows or door locks aren't working consistently. Maybe your car stereo, GPS system, onboard computer or phone charger plug-ins are causing problems. Another common sign of electrical failure is when your interior or exterior lights dim, flicker or go out completely.

It may just be your car battery that's the problem, or it could be the alternator which recharges the battery as you drive. If either of those is getting weak or failing, you will definitely have auto electric issues.

If you ever see or smell smoke coming from your car (not steam, which is usually a sign of the engine overheating), you will definitely want to be cautious. If a frayed wire or poor connection is creating sparks, it is an extremely dangerous situation.

Colorado Springs Auto Electric Repair

With any electrical problems in your car, it's a good idea to get the vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic who understands the intricacies of the electrical systems and components. At LightHouse Automotive, we can run tests and perform a thorough wiring inspection to make sure everything is in good shape and working correctly. If there is wiring damage or the alternator is failing, our technicians can repair it. If just the battery needs replacing, we always keep new NAPA batteries in stock and we can get you back on the road quickly. 

For all your Colorado Springs auto electric and car battery repair needs, call LightHouse Automotive today at (719) 465-0302 or book your appointment online.


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