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Alternator Problems? Look for These 5 Common Signs.

Your vehicle's alternator is an ingenious piece of equipment, and it performs a very vital function to keep your car and all of its electronic components working properly. It essentially recycles power from the engine back to the battery. Without it, your battery will die quickly and nothing will run right.

There are some common signs you can look for if your alternator is failing. LightHouse Automotive in Colorado Springs, CO has compiled this list of symptoms for you.

1. Warning Light

Most cars will have warning lights specifically for alternator problems. It may be the one that looks like a battery, or it could have more specific text like GEN or ALT. If this light is illuminated, then the sensors in your vehicle are letting you know that you might have an alternator issue.

2. Dead/Weak Battery

If the alternator isn't doing its job, then power is not being restored to the battery. You will start noticing electrical failures and eventually the car won't start at all. If your battery is dead or weak, you will want to get it checked out. It may be the battery itself, but it could be the alternator causing the problem. It may also be some other electrical issue worth getting inspected and repaired by a professional.

3. Dimming Lights

One telltale sign of a weakening battery is that the interior and/or exterior lights of the vehicle will start to get dimmer and may even flicker. This is a clear sign of a dying battery or failing alternator.

4. Unusual Smells or Sounds

Any time you notice a strange sound or smell coming from your vehicle, it's worth getting it looked at by a mechanic. These sounds or smells can be signs of any number of different problems throughout the vehicle (brakes, engine, transmission, suspension, exhaust, cooling system, etc.), so you want to get to the root of the issue before a minor concern turns into a major failure.

5. Loose Belts

Sometimes, the alternator or the battery aren't the problems. You may just have a loose belt (often the culprit when you encounter one of those odd smells or sounds as mentioned above). You can look for yourself and see if a belt seems loose, worn out, damaged or out of alignment. Otherwise, a good automotive technician can quickly identify the problem and get the belt repaired or replaced as needed before it develops into something worse.

These are just some of the most common signs of alternator problems. If you notice anything weird happening with your vehicle or any of your warning lights are on, LightHouse Automotive is here to help. We can inspect the car, run diagnostic tests and uncover the source of any automotive problem. Then, we can make the necessary repairs for you.

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