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Colorado Springtime Auto Maintenance Tips from LightHouse Automotive

Springtime is here and summer is just around the corner. It’s time to start the transition from a cold and icy winter to warmer weather, and that means making sure your car is taken care of with some spring maintenance. You may even want to consider spending at least part of your tax refund on some much-needed automotive repairs and preventative maintenance from LightHouse Automotive in Colorado Springs, CO.

The cold weather and wet roads can really put a lot of extra strain on various vehicle components—especially the tires, brakes, wheels, suspension, battery, cooling system, transmission, engine and exhaust system. According to the automotive experts at LightHouse Automotive, here are a few of the common springtime auto maintenance tips you should consider:

1. Get an Oil Change

This should be done periodically (check your owner’s manual for mileage recommendations) no matter what and the transition between seasons is usually a good time for it.

2. Get Your Tires Rotated and Tire Pressure Checked

This is another thing that you want to do regularly along with your oil changes, but is especially beneficial after some tough winter driving at elevation.

3. Tighten Belts, Clamps and Hoses

Have a professional auto mechanic go through your entire vehicle to make sure all the belts, hoses, clamps and wiring connections are tight and secure. It’s common for them to become loose in cold/wet weather, so spring is the perfect time to tighten everything back up.

4. Replace Air Filter(s)

The engine air filter usually needs replacing in the spring because it can gather up a lot of dirt, debris and grease in the winter. It’s also a good idea to have your cabin air filter checked and replaced, if needed.

5. Get Your Air Conditioner Tuned Up

You may have used your heater and defrosters a lot during the winter and now you will transition into using the A/C more often, so you want to make sure your air conditioning system is working right.

6. Cooling System Maintenance

Again, the transition from cold to warmer weather will put different strain on your vehicle’s cooling system, so you may want to have your radiator coolant flushed and refilled and all cooling system components inspected.

7. Schedule a Brake Service

Perhaps no auto component takes more abuse during cold weather than the brakes. Schedule a full brake service with LightHouse Automotive to get the brake pads replaced and all the components cleaned and inspected for optimal performance.

8. Take Care of Other Minor Maintenance Needs

Make sure all your headlights and tail lights are working properly. If not, get them replaced. It’s also worth changing out your windshield wiper blades and topping off your washer fluid.

These are just a few springtime maintenance tips that any Colorado driver will benefit from. For all your automotive repairs and preventative maintenance needs, contact LightHouse Automotive. Call us today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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