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Classic Car Repair at LightHouse Automotive

Do you own a classic car? Whether it's an old cruiser, a rare import or a brawny muscle car, we all dream of having a cool older vehicle to drive around in and tinker on in the garage.

Classic Car Care

It takes a lot of love and effort to care for a classic car like this, and it's really easy to get in over your head. Replacement parts can be hard to track down and working on the old school mechanical components can bring unique challenges. You'd think the simpler the mechanics, the easier things would be to troubleshoot and fix. However, it's not always that way.

The LightHouse Automotive Difference

That's why a lot of classic car owners throughout the Colorado Springs area count on Rylan Blair and his team at LightHouse Automotive. From preventative maintenance services to major repairs, we deal with a number of older vehicles and we know what it takes to keep them running right. Rylan is especially fond of muscle cars from the 60s and 70s because they allow for so many performance and style modifications. Plus, there's nothing better than the throaty roar of one of those powerful engines from that era when muscle cars were king. 

The automotive technicians at LightHouse Automotive bring unique experience and knowledge when it comes to working on these classic cars. That makes all the difference, whether you just want to keep the vehicle running with OEM stock parts or if you want to make unique modifications and customizations. Whatever your classic car maintenance and repair needs, LightHouse Automotive has you covered. 

Specialized Classic Car Repair Services

Tracking down replacement parts is often one of the biggest challenges of maintaining an older car. The LightHouse Automotive team knows where to look and how negotiate the best prices. We always love a good challenge, so we will do our best to find the right parts. We can help install custom kits and performance upgrades like wheels, tires and engine enhancements. We also specialize in other auto customs like exhaust systems designed and built in our shop to give your car the look, feel and performance that you desire.

If you have a classic car in Colorado Springs, trust it to the experienced auto repair experts at LightHouse Automotive. Call us today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.



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