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Are You Overdue for a Brake Inspection?

Spring is officially just around the corner. However, we all know the winter weather tends to stick around a little longer in Colorado Springs. There are still plenty of cold days ahead, which means ice, snow, rain, salt and grease on the roads that will put your vehicle's brake system to the test. 

If you haven't yet had your brakes serviced this winter, now may be a good time to take care of it. At the very least, you should bring your car, truck or SUV into a local auto repair shop like LightHouse Automotive for a professional brake inspection. Our experienced technicians can look over all your brake components and make sure everything is healthy.

Here are some of the things we look at during a brake inspection:

Brake Pads

Of course, brake pads wear out with time and use, and the winter weather usually takes its toll because of the freezing temperatures and wet road conditions that kick up a lot of moisture and grime. As winter comes to an end and spring begins, it's a good idea to get your brake pads checked and replaced if needed.

Brake Rotors/Drums

Depending on the type of vehicle, you may have a rotor brake system or drum brakes. Like the brake pads, these mechanical components can wear down over time and hinder your ability to stop or slow down. Your rotors or drums may need to be resurfaced or replaced to restore the best possible braking performance.

Brake Fluid

During a brake inspection, it's important to check the brake fluid level and quality. The hydraulic fluid needs to be replaced periodically or sometimes the lines just need to be "bled." Bleeding the brake lines will remove any air built-up air bubbles that can negatively affect the hydraulic performance.

Mechanical Components

There are various mechanical components that keep your brake system working right. The calipers, master cylinder, brake pedal, hoses and brake booster are some that need to be inspected and tested to ensure that everything is working properly.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

All modern vehicles have an anti-lock braking system that prevents the brakes from locking up on quick stops. There are various sensors and settings that should be tested and adjusted to keep the ABS doing what it is designed to do.

If you are overdue for a brake inspection, maybe it's time to give LightHouse Automotive a call. If the inspection reveals that work needs to be done, we can perform a standard brake service to get the system back in shape or we can recommend any other brake system repairs that may be required. Call us today at (719) 465-0302 or book online to schedule your brake inspection appointment.


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