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7 Ways to Keep Your Vehicle's Suspension System in Good Shape

Your vehicle's suspension system does a lot more than give you a smoother ride. It affects the handling of the car and your overall safety while also protecting other components like brakes, drivetrain, wheels and tires. All of these systems need to be in good shape and work together to create the best possible performance.

Here are 7 things you can do to help keep your suspension system in good shape:

1. Periodically Inspect the Shocks or Struts

A clear sign of suspension problems is when you notice the shocks or struts leaking hydraulic fluid. A leaking shock/strut should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent more significant automotive damage.

2. Get Your Wheels Aligned

The suspension system can have an impact on the wheel alignment and vice versa. You want to get your wheel alignment checked every so often and adjusted as needed. If the wheels are out of alignment, it puts a lot of unnecessary stress on the suspension system.

3. Inspect the Bushings and Joints

There are a lot of important connection points and parts that make up the suspension system. It is a good idea to get components such as bushings and joints inspected with each oil change, just to make sure everything is working right.

4. Check Your Tire Treads

If your tire treads are dangerously low, then obviously you'll want to replace the tires soon. The longer you drive on bald tires, the more likely you are to do damage the wheels and suspension. Uneven tread wear is also a sign of wheel misalignment, suspension system problems or both.

5. Check Your Tire Air Pressure

Along with your tire tread depth, the air pressure in your tires can impact the vehicle's handling and suspension system. Check your air pressure regularly and make sure the tires are always inflated to the manufacturer's recommendations.

6. Check Your Power Steering System

If your vehicle has a power steering system, it should be inspected periodically. Make sure the power steering fluid is clean and full, and also check the power steering belt. Any damage to the power steering system can make the vehicle dangerous to drive and can also lead to more mechanical damage relating to the brakes, suspension and wheels/tires.

7. Always Check Your Suspension After an Accident

If you are ever in any kind of automotive accident (big or small), you will want to get the suspension system inspected along with any other repairs that may be required. It doesn't take much to throw suspension components out of alignment, so you don't want to overlook the suspension when dealing with post-accident maintenance and repairs.

If you are in Colorado Springs and think you might have suspension problems or need any of these standard automotive maintenance procedures performed, call LightHouse Automotive today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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