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4 Signs You Might Have an Automotive Emissions Issue

Today's vehicles have very sophisticated emissions systems designed to burn off harmful exhaust gases and limit the toxins released into our environment. The emissions system also helps keep the vehicle running better with a healthier engine and better fuel efficiency. Colorado is a very green state, so we have rather strict emissions standards. 

Modern vehicles will have an advanced emissions control system (also known as the EVAP system) that utilizes different oxygen sensors, computer controls and sensitive exhaust system equipment to let you know when there may be a problem. However, that equipment can also fail sometimes, so you really have to be mindful of potential automotive emissions problems when they develop.

If you think you might have an emissions problem or an issue with your exhaust system, it is a good idea to get your vehicle inspected as soon as possible. Here are 4 common signs of emissions system problems, according to the Colorado Springs auto repair specialists at LightHouse Automotive:

1. Loss of Fuel Economy

Your emissions control system and exhaust system can have a dramatic effect on your fuel efficiency. If there is an exhaust leak or an emissions problem with components such as the fuel tank, carburetor, catalytic converter, muffler or exhaust manifolds, you may notice a significant drop in fuel economy. Loss of MPG can be a result of a variety of automotive issues, however, so it's best to get a professional diagnosis from a knowledgeable mechanic who can determine the true source of the drop in fuel efficiency.

2. Dashboard Warning Lights

The check engine light can come on for any number of reasons, but exhaust and emissions problems are often the most common culprits. Some vehicles will have specific warning lights and display notifications to let you know if it's a tripped oxygen sensor or something else emissions-related. Any warning light is worth getting checked out as soon as possible.

3. Bad Exhaust Smells

Sometimes your nose will let you know when you have an emissions problem. The exhaust smell may be really strong or unpleasant, which could be the sign of a dangerous exhaust leak. You may also smell if there is a fuel leak. Any strange smell in your car—especially if it doesn't go away or keeps getting worse—should be cause for concern.

4. Loss of Performance

Last but certainly not least, emissions problems and exhaust system issues can impact how well your engine performs. If it is sputtering, losing power or not running as it normally does, you will want to get a thorough inspection to determine if it's engine damage or something else like the emissions control system that isn't working right.

If you are in the Colorado Springs area and are experiencing exhaust system problems or any of the above signs of emissions system failure, call LightHouse Automotive today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your inspection appointment online.


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