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Young Colorado Springs Customer Values Respectful Service Received at LightHouse Automotive

Alena is in her early 20s and admittedly doesn't know much about cars. It should come as no surprise that she was a little hesitant when she needed work done on her older van. She was afraid of being taken advantage of by a mechanic. So she called around to several auto repair shops in the Colorado Springs area, and decided to put her trust in the team at LightHouse Automotive.

"It was difficult for me to locate a trustworthy mechanic who I could rely on without getting ripped off," Alena writes in her recent Google review. "After calling several places, I decided to call LightHouse Automotive back because the respect I received over the phone was the most welcoming compared to all the other places! Rylan [Blair], the shop owner, was ever so kind and treats his guests with such loyalty and as an individual rather than a customer. Such a nice and knowledgeable man!"

After Rylan and the LightHouse Automotive team of technicians had the time to inspect the vehicle, they were able to pinpoint a number of issues with the van. Some were urgent repairs while others were concerns that weren't as immediate, but needed to be brought to the customer's attention for future consideration. When Alena brought her van in, she made it very clear that she was working with a limited budget and any repairs would need to be recommended in order of priority.

"He was very honest about my old van, but managed to work with me on a budget and get me safely back on the road," Alena adds. "Not only did he provide me with top-notch customer service, he went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help me out in a rough situation. He guided me through all of the repairs, the payment process and I even learned more about my own van. I couldn't thank him enough for valuing me as a person—my safety and my vehicle."

Providing personalized customer service like this is what LightHouse Automotive is all about. We understand that every person and every vehicle that comes into our auto repair shop has a different story. Each situation needs to be treated differently. By taking the time to listen and communicate, our team is able to make good things happen for valued customers like Alena.

"Honestly, they have helped me turn my life around in such a positive direction!" Alena concludes. "I know have a go-to, reliable and trustworthy mechanic. Thank you Rylan, his wife, his employees and his hardworking mechanics. Looking for the right mechanic? This is your place!"

Thank you, Alena, for sharing your story and we'll be happy to help you any time you have automotive questions or repair/maintenance needs. For everyone in the Colorado Springs area, please call LightHouse Automotive at (719) 465-0302 if you need help with your vehicle. Or, you can schedule your next appointment online.


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