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Why Are Diesel Engines Better For Towing?


Have you ever asked yourself: why are only diesel engines used in heavy-duty equipment and towing vehicles? If you have, you are in the right place! Below we will explore the interesting facts that make the diesel engine the perfect pick for these exact tasks.

Engine Construction

One of the key factors is the way the engine is constructed and functions. In comparison with gasoline engines, they are very robust because of the way they ignite the fuel. Instead of a spark plug, diesel engines use compression to ignite the fuel and air mixture. This means that the engine block has to withstand immense amounts of pressure - meaning it's more durable and reliable.

Power Output

Another key difference is the way that power is output. Diesel engines produce a greater amount of torque than horsepower. This means that under heavy load, the tires can have enough grip and power to tow almost anything. This is solely because of the high energy density that diesel fuel has. 

More Reliable

As we mentioned above, diesel engines are extremely reliable. This makes them the perfect option for distant roads or mining sites. Furthermore, repairs on diesel engines are quite easy and most of the time can be done with simple tools which can be found on any construction site.

Some Of The Biggest Diesel Engines Ever Made

If you have read everything above, you might want to see a few examples. Well, luckily we have exactly that - below you will find three engines that are so bizarre it's hard to believe they exist!

  • Cummins QSK95: The Cummins QSK95 is a massive diesel engine that is often used in heavy-duty applications such as mining trucks, locomotives, and marine vessels. It is a 95-liter, 16-cylinder engine that delivers exceptional power and torque. 
  • Caterpillar C175-20: The Caterpillar C175-20 is another enormous diesel engine commonly found in heavy-duty vehicles. It is a 20-cylinder, 175-liter engine designed for mining trucks, large earthmoving equipment, and power generation. 
  • MTU 20V8000: The MTU 20V8000 is a massive diesel engine manufactured by Rolls-Royce Power Systems. It is a 20-cylinder, 80-liter engine widely used in heavy-duty applications like mining trucks, off-highway vehicles, and marine propulsion. 

Diesel Engine Repairs At LightHouse Automotive!

While we are talking about engines, how is yours doing? If you suspect any issues make sure to stop by our shop so we can take a look. Our team is ready for any repair - big or small!

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