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What are the Symptoms of a Failing Power Steering Pump?

A car has hundreds of smaller parts that help drive the bigger pieces we can see at first glance. Like every machine, parts get worn out and need to be maintained to avoid problems. One such part is the power steering pump. If you've ever had a stiff steering wheel or heard funny noises when driving, your power steering pump might need a professional to investigate and fix.

5 Symptoms of a Failing Power Steering Pump

1. When a steering wheel feels stiff or is slow to respond to turns you make at low speed, that is a sign of a fluid level or quality problem in the steering wheel system. A leak that goes unchecked or liquid too thick inside the pump, can cause long-term damage to the steering wheel system.

2. A failing power steering pump can also cause whining or growling noises when turning the steering wheel. The noise which comes from inside the hood of the car can also be heard when the car is in idle mode once the ignition is turned on. This indicates a need to have the power steering pump evaluated.

3. If you hear squealing noises every time you turn the steering wheel on sharp corners, it could be that there's not enough liquid in the power steering pump.

4. A puddle of red-brown colored liquid under your car could mean that the power steering pump has a crack or hole in it and is leaking out the power steering liquid. When liquid leaks out of the pump reservoir, it is left dry with just air coming in and this causes the loud noises in the hood of the car. This requires a specialist to inspect and fix.

5. Another sign that the power steering pump is failing is when your car makes groaning noises. The noises happen when the power steering pump system is low on liquid. This drought in the systems can easily damage the pump system and lead to a stiff steering wheel.

If you need power steering pump repair, give our auto repair shop a call today.

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