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Truck Owner Gets Electrical Repairs at LightHouse Automotive

A reviewer with the handle "Falcon 1620" recently posted a 5-star review on Google about his experience at LightHouse Automotive. His truck was having some serious electrical issues. One of the biggest concerns he had was that his speedometer wasn't working correctly. He first took it to the dealer, but was frustrated with the service he received—without ever getting the problem properly resolved. Falcon did his research and decided to take his truck to LightHouse Automotive.

"LightHouse Automotive has great expertise and experience," Falcon 1620 writes. "They have an electrical wizard who fixed me up in short order. They were very methodical and found the issue right away, and weren't afraid to dig in and get it fixed. Saved me from buying an expensive computer module for the system or giving up on my truck."

Electrical issues can be tricky stuff. Whether it's something wrong with the onboard computer, the wiring, the electrical equipment or something else like the battery or alternator, you have to be very thorough and careful. It takes a trained eye to spot the problems and make sure that everything is fixed correctly. We deal with a lot of auto electric repair at LightHouse Automotive, so our technicians know what to look for and know how to get it repaired properly.

"The speedometer was fixed correctly, and the differential was happy again after the service," Falcon 1620 adds. "Took good care of me, and they had the knowledge and knowhow to get it done and get it out. Saved me a bunch of time. All my safety systems are happy again ... and I feel better driving it around."

Making sure a vehicle is safe to drive is always one of our top priorities at LightHouse Automotive. We don't want anyone out there on the road in a car, truck or SUV that is having serious issues. Electrical problems like these can really snowball into other significant mechanical issues if the computer and sensors are not dialed in, so any electrical repairs require extra attention and testing.

"Wish that I knew about this place beforehand," Falcon 1620 concludes. "They are good people and they took care of me. No nonsense, friendly and knowledgeable. I'd highly recommend them! It was quite a journey, but I'm glad that I found them and they were able to get me sorted."

Thank you for putting your trust in LightHouse Automotive and for taking the time to share your story in a detailed online review.

If you are in need of Colorado Springs auto repair or vehicle maintenance services, call LightHouse Automotive today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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