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Texas Auto Shop Owner Endorses LightHouse Automotive

Mike Jewell owns Jewell Auto in Fort Worth, TX. He got a call from one of his usual customers who happened to be here in Colorado Springs and was experiencing some problems with his truck. Mike looked up local shops in a professional automotive organization that he belongs to and found LightHouse Automotive on the list. He gave us a call and and ended up having his customer give us a chance to show what we could do.

"When I called and spoke to Rylan [Blair, owner] about the issues my customer was concerned with, he immediately scheduled an appointment for the following morning," Mike writes in his online review. "My customer was completely satisfied with the service he received at LightHouse Automotive."

Sometimes there's a bit more pressure when our shop is referred to us by another shop owner, especially one who hasn't done business with LightHouse Automotive in the past. Yet, there's a special code among shop owners. We speak the same language and you usually just know right away when someone knows their stuff. Whenever we make a referral out of town, we can typically tell within just a few minutes on the phone if it's a quality shop or not. 

Thankfully, we passed Mike's tests and he sent his customer our way. In the end, the customer got his truck taken care of and was pleased with his overall service experience at our auto shop.

"Thank you Rylan and team for a job very well done." —Mike Jewell, Jewel Auto, Fort Worth, TX

Thank you Mike for reaching out to us and entrusting your loyal customer with our team. If we ever have one of our customers in the Dallas area in need of automotive repairs, you can be sure we'll send them your way!

If you are in the Colorado Springs area, LightHouse Automotive is the local automotive shop to turn to for quality service and exceptional customer care. Call us today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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