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LightHouse Automotive Saves Customer from Unnecessary Transmission Repairs

Jason's vehicle was having a hard time shifting out of second gear. In dealing with multiple automotive shops around Colorado Springs, he learned that his speed sensor cable had become detached. However, most other shops were also trying to upsell him on completely replacing the transmission. Jason just didn't feel comfortable with these recommendations, so he turned to LightHouse Automotive for another expert's opinion.

"Upon giving them my symptoms, they had said that they are sure that I've found my problem," Jason says. "However, it could be the transmission also. It was very intelligent and helpful service."

We can never truly give an accurate assessment over the phone, especially when it comes to transmission issues. Our technicians will need perform a thorough inspection and run diagnostics to uncover the true source of any problems. Then, we can provide a detailed report and fair repair estimates based on specific auto repair recommendations. 

Thankfully for Jason, there weren't any significant transmission issues uncovered during the diagnostic testing and inspection processes at LightHouse Automotive. Our technicians were able to quickly replace the damaged speed sensor cable and confirm that the transmission was working normally. 

"I went into their shop, they fixed the cable in an hour, ran the test on the transmission to make sure, and the vehicle and the price were perfect," Jason says. "Finally, I can shift out of 2nd gear. There were 4 other shops in the location that were just trying to replace my transmission with another one. Make sure you do a little research on who you do business with!"

Thank you for the feedback and recommendation, Jason. Just let us know if you ever need anything else. The same goes for anyone in the Colorado Springs area in need of automotive repair or preventative maintenance services. Call LightHouse Automotive at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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