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LightHouse Automotive Helps Fix Up One Young Man's Very First Car

Teresa wanted to help her son get his first car once he earned his driver's license. Fortunately, they already had an old Mitsubishi Montero that would fit the bill. Unfortunately, it was a bit neglected in recent years and it was due for a lot of repairs. Teresa wasn't worried, though. She knew she could count on the team at LightHouse Automotive to get it running great once again for her son.

"I would like to give a HUGE shout-out to LightHouse Automotive in Colorado Springs!" Teresa says. "They did a superb job of getting our ol' Montero up and running and safe for my sone to have as his first vehicle."

When Teresa brought the Montero in, it clearly needed a lot of work. Some of it was just standard maintenance like changing the oil, servicing the brakes and checking the transmission. Otherwise, some minor parts needed to be replaced and the vehicle just needed a good tuning up to get it where it needed to be. After all the repairs were completed, we were able to get the SUV back to Teresa so she could hand the keys off to her son. Now, he's driving all around town.

We all remember our first cars, and we wanted to take extra care of this vehicle because we know how important it will be to Teresa's son!

"Thank you Rylan and team!" Teresa adds. "Strong work! You guys are the best!!!"

Thank you, Teresa, for sharing your story and we're so glad everything worked out. Hopefully, your son is really enjoying his newly fixed-up Montero! Just know you can always count on us whenever you need more repairs or maintenance services.

In Colorado Springs, the name to know for quality auto repairs is LightHouse Automotive. We're always here to help with any repairs—big or small—so give us a call today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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