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How to Check Your Brake Pads

The car's braking system may take the back burner in your thoughts, but keeping them in tip-top condition is crucial. Did you know that brake failure causes 5% of car crashes in the United States annually? This percentage accounts for about 300,000 car crashes in the United States annually. Here is how you can check your brakes to ensure you are not part of the statistic.
Although there is no schedule for when you can check your brakes, it is important to check your brake pads manually regularly. You can check them for wear by looking through the spaces between the wheel's spokes. They are visible in the daylight, but if you have trouble seeing them, you can try using a flashlight. To identify the brake pad, look for the pad pressed against the metal motor. Your brake pad should have a quarter inch thick. If you notice anything less than a quarter inch, then it's time to get the pads replaced or book an appointment at your trusted auto repair shop.
If your brake pad is less than a quarter inch thick, you have probably already started noticing other signs that they are failing. You have probably heard your brakes screeching when you apply them. This does not mean that the brake pads are completely worn out, but you should take that as an urgent sign to replace them. If you do not replace the brake pads in time, the screeching sound will only worsen before the brakes ultimately fail.

Pay Attention to Your Car

Your brake pads and the steering wheel have a lot in common, so you can tell if your brake pads are failing simply by the feel of it. One common sensation is the shaking or vibrating you feel in the steering wheel when braking.
Don't let you and your loved ones become a statistic; get your brake pads checked today if you can not check them yourself. If you check and find that your brake pads need replacing, you are invited to bring your car to Lighthouse Automotive today for reliable and comprehensive auto repair services.

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