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Got a Transmission Fluid Leak? Here's What You Need to Do.

A leaking transmission is no laughing matter. Transmission fluid provides vital lubrication and cooling properties throughout your transmission. If the fluid is at a low level or the fluid itself is in bad shape, it will lead to bigger problems. Transmission repairs, rebuilds and replacements are not cheap. Like any automotive issue, it's always a good idea to address a small issue before it develops into a huge concern.

How to Identify a Transmission Fluid Leak

If there is a major leak, transmission fluid is very easy to identify. It is typically bright red in color. If you notice any drips or puddles on the ground underneath your car, this is a big problem that you will want to get checked out by an auto repair expert immediately. Any drips on the ground means there is a significant leak that should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Otherwise, a minor transmission fluid leak can be harder to identify because it may only be seen when the car is up on a lift. In most cases, it will just be a worn transmission pan gasket that is very easily replaced. Make sure your mechanic checks for any leaks any time you have your vehicle serviced for a routine oil change, tire rotation, etc.

Self Maintenance

You can check the level and quality of the transmission fluid yourself. There is a specified dipstick under your hood that goes into the transmission pan. You can look at it periodically and make sure the fluid is at the proper level, just like you would with our engine oil dipstick. Likewise, you'll be able to see the quality of your transmission fluid. If it is dark, thick, dirty and/or has a burned smell, it may be time for a fluid change or even a fluid flush if things are bad enough.

You are able to top off the fluid level yourself if it just happens to be low and there are no leaks detected. However, it is extremely important to remember that there are different types of transmission fluid for different types of transmissions. Do not put any fluid in unless you know for sure it is the right kind!

Not Sure What Type of Fluid is Leaking?

If you notice a fluid leak under your car and are not sure what it is, you can check out this fluid guide from LightHouse Automotive to help identify. No matter what, any fluid leak is a bad sign that you will want to get inspected and repaired sooner rather than later. Whether it's the transmission fluid, engine oil, radiator coolant, power steering fluid or brake fluid, one small leak can ultimately lead to big damage that may end up costing you a lot more to repair later.

If you are in Colorado Springs and notice a leak or just want to have your car serviced and looked at, call LightHouse Automotive today at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your appointment online.


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