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Customer Saves Money on Brake Repairs at LightHouse Automotive

Markiss knew he needed to get new brakes on his car, so he began shopping around at auto repair shops throughout Colorado Springs. He first looked at some of the bigger chain stores, but he wasn't too excited when they quoted him pretty high prices to replace the brake pads and also to completely replace the brake rotors. Then, Markiss found LightHouse Automotive.

"I had to get my brakes and rotors done and everyone is just trying to make a buck," Markiss says in his recent online review. "Found this place and had them just look at it and come to find out that my rotors were still able to get resurfaced."

Brake rotors can be tricky. At a certain point, they may be so worn out that they need to be replaced. However, a really good brake repair shop will have the ability to resurface the rotors if they are still in good enough shape. Unfortunately, a lot of places will just default to telling you that they need to be completely replaced. This is what happened for Markiss when he asked the big chain shops in town.

The team at LightHouse Automotive has specialized equipment and knowledge to be able to re-machine brake rotors if that is an option. We were able to resurface Markiss' rotors, which would save him time and money over replacing them entirely.

"I was quoted more than $600 and more elsewhere," Markiss adds. "[LightHouse Automotive] was able to do everything for half that. It only cost me $300 and was able to save some money. This place is great and they work with your financial situation. Definitely coming back for future work. There are not too many people like this left in today's society."

Thank you, Markiss, for putting your faith in LightHouse Automotive and we were glad to be able to save you a little money on your brake repairs.

If you are in he Colorado Springs area and need brake repairs or any other type of automotive repairs or auto maintenance services, call LightHouse Automotive at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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