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Chevy Owner Gets Fuel Pressure Sensor Replaced at LightHouse Automotive

Edward was concerned when the check engine light came on in his 2007 Chevrolet Impala. He didn't hesitate to bring his car into LightHouse Automotive for a diagnostic check and inspection to determine what the problem was. 

"They let me know my fuel pressure sensor was bad and needed to be replaced," Edward says. "They gave me an estimate to see if I can afford it, which was a good thing."

The fuel pressure sensor (also known as a fuel rail sensor) is one of many important sensors within a vehicle. It monitors the fuel pressure in the fuel system, and then sends measurements to the car's computer. The computer then makes adjustments to keep the fuel burning consistently in the engine. It's a very sensitive component, so when it fails it can really impact the fuel efficiency and performance of the vehicle. When any sensor in your car is damaged, you'll want to replace it as soon as possible so that everything is working correctly.

The check engine light can come on for any number of reasons. There are many different automotive components, systems and sensors that can trip it, including the exhaust system, the fuel system, the engine, the cooling system and the transmission. It's always a smart move to get a professional mechanic to run diagnostic tests and perform a physical inspection to determine the source of the problem. 

For Edward, we were able to get his fuel pressure sensor replaced quickly, so he could get safely back on the road as soon as possible.

"The weather was extremely bad that day and I wanted to make sure my vehicle was reliable for the road," Edward adds. "I appreciate the good work they did in fixing the issue."

Thank you, Edward, for sharing your story and we're glad everything worked out with your new fuel pressure sensor. Just let us know if you ever need anything else!

If your check engine light comes on or you notice any other potential problems with your car, truck or SUV, turn to the Colorado Springs auto repair experts at LightHouse Automotive. Call us today at (719) 465-0305 or schedule your service visit online.


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