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4 Signs You Might Need a Fuel System Service

Your fuel intake system is very important. It is what takes the fuel from your gas tank and pumps it into the engine as needed. If the lines are dirty or clogged, or the fuel filter is old, you just won't experience proper performance from your engine. It could even lead to bigger engine problems down the road if your fuel intake system isn't working properly.

A Fuel System Service at LightHouse Automotive will entail careful cleaning of the key fuel system components. This includes the fuel filter, fuel lines, fuel injector, intake valve and combustion chambers. Specialized cleaning solutions and techniques are used to remove debris, dirt and gunk throughout the all-important fuel system. This will allow your engine to run as smoothly as possible while also providing added benefits such as better fuel economy and reduced emissions.

So, how will you know if your fuel system is in need of a cleaning or your fuel filter needs to be replaced? Here are 4 common signs that you should look out for:

1. Poor Fuel Economy

If you notice that your fuel mileage just isn't what you are used to, it could be a variety of issues worth having looked at. There is a good chance it is a problem within your fuel system, especially if the gas or diesel isn't getting to the engine as cleanly as it should.

2. Vehicle Won't Start Easily

If your car takes awhile to start or won't start at all, it very likely could be a fuel system issue. Perhaps your engine just isn't getting enough fuel to fire up. It may also be a problem with your ignition system, alternator or engine itself, so it is definitely something you want to have looked at as quickly as possible.

3. Rough Idling

If your car is idling roughly during a stop or while you are waiting for it to warm up, that's a very common sign that the fuel isn't flowing correctly.

4. Weak Acceleration

Lastly, if your vehicle isn't accelerating like normal, it could be another symptom of a fuel intake system. The transmission could be another culprit here, so again this is an issue you'll want to have inspected by a professional mechanic.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, bring your vehicle into LightHouse Automotive for a fuel system inspection. If it is an issue with the fuel system, we can clean it professionally and replace the fuel filter if needed. If it is something else, we can determine the source of the problem and get you an accurate repair estimate. 

For all your fuel system and other auto repair needs, call LightHouse Automotive at (719) 465-0302 or schedule your service appointment online.


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