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4 Signs Of Bad Brake Rotors

Our brake system consists of a lot of components that work together to make you decelerate when you press the brake pedal. One of those components is the brake rotor. They are metal discs mounted directly to the wheels. If you want to learn about the five signs your brake rotors give when they are worn out or warped, continue reading.

Pulling While Braking

One of the most obvious signs is pulling to one side while braking, which can be caused by the rotors warping due to overheating. This can pose a threat to your safety, so make sure to visit a repair shop the moment you notice it. Another reason that causes them to warp and wear out is when the wheels are misaligned, so consider checking that as well.

Unfamiliar Noises 

Unfamiliar and loud noises are never a good sign, especially when braking. If the sounds are only noticeable when braking, the problem lies somewhere in the brake system. The most common cause is worn-out rotors or pads, so consider visiting a repair shop if you notice this issue.

The Brake Pedal Feels Weird

The brake pedal is a great way of determining problems in the system. If there is a leak, the pedal will be soft or limp. And if the brake rotors are damaged or warped, they can get spongy or, in some cases, vibrate. Vibrations are caused by warped or bent brake pads, so make sure to visit a repair shop if you notice this issue.

Braking Takes Longer

Is your car taking longer to decelerate? If that's the problem, your brake pads and/or rotors might need changing. The worst that can happen is the whole system failing, resulting in no stopping at all. This issue is quite easy and quick to fix, so consider bringing your vehicle to a shop. 

Brake System Service And Repairs At LightHouse Automotive!

If you have noticed any of the issues listed above or are suspecting other problems, make sure to visit our shop so we can take a look! Our list of services and maintenance procedures can be seen in the "Services" tab in the menu.

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